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VirtualHome has revolutionized our project management approach. As builders, it is our duty to ensure that pertinent information is readily available to all team members whenever it’s required. VirtualHome offers a unified workspace for team members to input and retrieve information seamlessly. This platform has significantly enhanced our workflow, eliminated errors, and boosted productivity.


Pacific Rim Builders

When I first came across VirtualHome, I thought, this will be a great tool for contractors and builders, but when I showed one to one of my new clients, they were thrilled with having a manual that showed them everything about their new home. VirtualHome is a game changer.


Real Estate Broker

My spouse and I have embarked on numerous home remodeling and construction projects. Historically, maintaining alignment has been quite challenging, often resulting in delays. However, with VirtualHome, we seamlessly connected with our architect and designer, crafting a comprehensive project specification package. As we initiated construction, our contractor had all the essential information readily available, enabling them to furnish us with an accurate bid. This project was successfully completed within budget, devoid of the changes and delays that plagued our prior endeavors.



As an interior designer, VirtualHome provides a comprehensive solution for streamlined collaboration, efficient design processes, and effective communication with clients and stakeholders. It simplifies project management, accelerates the creation of product packages for approval, ensuring precise specification management. With VirtualHome, you can monitor installations, manage costs, and enhance client satisfaction, making it an indispensable tool for achieving successful and visually stunning interior design projects


Interior Designer

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