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Your VirtualPropertyTM is more than a record of your house. It’s an interactive guide that helps you document what you have, define what you need and want, and get things done.

With tools and features that help you be prepared and be proactive, you can be in control and enjoy your property at every lifecycle stage.

Unlock the future of effortless property management today! Join us, and not only will we handle the setup of your first property for FREE, but in just 15 minutes, you’ll embark on a journey towards seamless workflows and ongoing savings.

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Working with a team has never been easier. VirtualPropertyTM makes group home-work, well… work.

For Teams

VirtualPropertyTM Ditch the email, texts, and scattered messages.

With BuildEffective’s VirtualPropertyTM, team collaboration is a breeze. Communicate in App to plan and discuss every detail of your properties remodels or your business’s current build and renovation projects.

Teamwork makes the dream work, and VirtualPropertyTM is the perfect tool to helpings teams work better.

Cloud Based


With VirtualPropertyTM the cloud becomes your personal reposititor and backup for all the important details that you need to share and remember to reach your property and project goals.

Forget thumbing through volumes of paper, searching emails, text or disconnected file servers.

VirtualPropertyTM, everything is instantly backed up to the cloud and remains accessible at anytime, from any device with an internet connection.


Efficient project planning forms the cornerstone of any successful undertaking, and VirtualPropertyTM simplifies and enhances this crucial aspect.

From capturing existing conditions to generating product choices and easing product selection, pricing, and procurement, VirtualPropertyTM seamlessly integrates these facets into the planning process.

A comprehensive plan results in a smoother, stress-free construction phase, eliminating misunderstandings, errors, and costly do-overs.

Utilize VirtualPropertyTM to streamline and oversee the entire process. Handpick your desired products, create user-friendly take-offs, and effortlessly share and disseminate information among both design and construction professionals. Equipping your team with this essential information enables them to execute and document their work efficiently, ensuring a successful project outcome.
Team Feature

Access To Everything You Need

VirtualPropertyTM works well for those who need to get work done on the go.

The VirtualPropertyTM Companion Mobile App is available on iPhone and Android. The Mobile App allows users to continue working while away from the laptop and works well on both mobile and tablet.

  • Take photos and add them to your spaces within VirtualPropertyTM
  • Access product details right when you need them
  • Chat and communicate with collaborators within the app
  • Create and share product packages on the run

Connecting the Disconnected

VirtualPropertyTM by BuildEffective unites stakeholders, contributors, and project participants in a single source of truth and internal messaging. It empowers homeowners, small businesses, corporations, and tax-exempt organizations to effortlessly manage vital details for home and business success.”

Property Owner

VirtualPropertyTM is more than just a house record; it’s an interactive guide that helps you document your assets, define your requirements and aspirations, and achieve your objectives for both personal and investment properties.

VirtualPropertyTM streamlines the homeownership lifecycle, promotes readiness and proactive management, and enables you to maximize your property’s functionality at every stage.

  • Document Your Home
  • Records Room
  • Plan Your Dream Project
  • Remodel Planning
  • Connect with Suppliers
  • Photo Gallery
  • Insurance Vault
  • In Application Chat


Select this option if you own a company as a sole proprietor, and are using VirtualPropertyTM to manage company properties and projects.

The additional features of this plan help small business owners and partnerships collaborate with vendors to manage their properties and get their projects done.

Use this option if you are signing up under a public email account such as Gmail, Outlook, AOL, Comcast, or Yahoo.

  • Everything in the Property Owner Plan
  • Invite Contactors, and Tradesmen to Collaborate on Projects
  • Workflow Tracking
  • Product Pricing Packages
  • Trade Bid Packages
  • Inclusion in Service Provider Listing


Select this option if you own a company that is registered as a separate legal entity operating under its own Tax ID(EIN).

This option works well if you are planning to work with a group of internal users such as W-2 employees on a regular basis to manage your properties and projects. To use this option a branded email such as is required. public email accounts such as Gmail, Outlook, AOL, Comcast, and Yahoo should register under a Proprietor account.

  • Everything in the Property Owner Plan
  • Everything in the Proprietor Plan
  • Branded Workspace
  • Ability to add Internal Team Members to Company Workspace


Select this option if you help manage an organization that has received an IRS tax-exempt status.

This option allows for additional benefits such as discounts and specialized tools designed specifically to help tax-exempt organizations succeed in reaching their goals.

To use this option a branded email such as is required. public email accounts such as Gmail, Outlook, AOL, Comcast, and Yahoo are not permitted to register for this account type.

  • Everything in the Property Owner Plan
  • Everything in the Proprietor Plan
  • Everything in the Company Plan
  • Special Tools and Discounts

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