“Select your space(s) to create a comprehensive space list. Each space is a centralized hub to document what you have, plan what you want, upload photos, add products, share relevant information, and manage tasks. The right information to the right people all the time is one of the founding principals of BuildEffective”


Configure Bedrooms and Bathrooms

  • Select Bedroom Type
  • Select Closet Type

  • Select Bath Type
  • Select Designated Use for each Bath

Select Remaining Spaces

  • Common Area Spaces
  • Utility Spaces

  • Transition Spaces
  • Unconditioned – Attached Spaces

Space List

  • Create a Space List in minutes, taking charge of your property data.
  • Gather, arrange, share, and manage information for every space within your home.
  • Enhance collaboration, save time, reduce costs, and achieve productivity.