“Efficiently document your existing products, save and share replacement options, make product selections, then generate and share professional product packages. With digitized product data, sharing, updating, and maintaining a complete record of as-builts is seamless. Save time and money on every step with BuildEffective.”


Product Selection

  • Select existing (installed products)
  • Prepare maintenance schedule
  • Generate repair request
  • Select replacement products
  • Document new installations

Product Details

Products are arranged by
  • Product Category
  • Space(s) where each product is installed
Supporting information includes
  • Digital attributes
  • Maintenance requirements
  • Warranty information
  • Use and care guides
  • Installation requirements

Product List

Products can be viewed by space where they are installed, product category and/or trade(s) who are responsible for installation.

Document Upload, allows you to store bids, invoices, purchase orders, and receipts right where they belong.