How It Works

VirtualProperty empowers you to efficiently handle every aspect of your property, whether it’s building or buying, remodeling, maintaining, or selling.


Easily collaborate with architects, designers, contractors, tradespeople, and suppliers to make well-informed decisions and document installations.


No Need to Change Your Project Management Systems. VirtualProperty Connects Everyone to the Information They Need, Regardless of Their Processes. Enjoy Revolutionary Control, Streamlined Processes, and Real-Time Access to Data with VirtualProperty.”


“Input property details to create a profile within minutes. Centralize utility providers, insurance policies, tax, escrow, and HOA documents for a single, reliable source. Easily share your property record to collaborate effectively on planning, design, construction, and maintenance.”


“Define your interior and exterior spaces, record the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, common areas, input room dimensions, and document the products for each room.”


“Together, Owners and Contributors craft a clear project scope and select the perfect products. Contractors effortlessly tap into essential information and meticulously document installations, completing your project without misunderstandings, mistakes, or rework.”


“Use the BuildEffective mobile app to capture and upload photos of each Space. Add tags to each photo to filter and sort by room or product so there’s documentation of the before and after of the project.”


“With defined and documented  spaces, add required products and materials needed in each space to create proper take-offs and deliver accurate budgeting.”


“Generate comprehensive specification packages for every trade involved in your project. These packages empower your team to deliver accurate bids, understand project requirements, place correct orders, and be fully prepared.”

Connecting People & Products to Essential Property Data.

Congratulations! With VirtualProperty, you possess a “digital twin” of your property, granting you continuous access to the essential information your team requires for efficient work, allowing you to dedicate more time to what truly matters.

Stop wasting time, materials, and money with our patented system.

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Products are linked to where they go, when they are installed, and who installs them.



Stakeholders communicate, plan, access data and document work on one centralized platform.



Processes are defined and systematized by phase, by product, and by trade.


Products are linked to where they go, when they are installed, and who installs them.


Users connect, communicate, plan and execute projects on a centralized platform.


Processes are defined and systematized by phase, by product, by profession creating efficiencies and savings.

Keeping track of everything is a big task on its own. Don’t let missed maintenance or delayed repairs cost you money.

Let HomeGuide help you create a list of everything that needs to be done to maintain your home while providing tips and insights on how to get it done.

It will schedule every task based on how often it’s needed and give you reminders, so you don’t miss a thing.

Keep track of all the great ideas you’ve been brainstorming and researching for your next home remodel project.

Snap or save pictures of what interests and inspires you and upload them to your HomeGuide’s DreamSpace.

Within your DreamSpace, you can create notes about what you want and add products you want to consider for your final project.

When you’re ready to turn your dreams into reality, simply share your DreamSpace with your family members, friends, contractor, and retailer, instantly allowing everyone to collaborate with a shared understanding of your unique and beautiful vision for your home!

Stop searching every time you need a warranty, a receipt, or the name and number of a service company or a repair person.


Your own personal, secure HomeGuide Vault lets you store and organize everything in one place.


Warranties, receipts, insurance policies, HOA paperwork, and contact information will all be accessible from all your suppliers and  service providers.


Focus On What Matters

VirtualHomeTM is tailored for seamless on-the-go access to detailed information. Let your VirtualHome handle all the details and guide you effortlessly. Whether on mobile, tablet, or desktop, you’ll have the tools you need, precisely when you need them.


Manage Everything

Let VirtualHomeTM help you create a list of everything that needs maintaining for your home. Schedule tasks and reminders so you don’t miss anything.


Dream & Capture Ideas

Keep track of great ideas for your next home  remodel project. Save inspiration photos, create notes and products you’ll use. Simply share everything with your designer, contractor or retailer. 


Stay Organized

VirtualHomeTM acts as a personal vault to store and organize everything in one place. Warranties, receipts, insurance policies, HOA paperwork, and contact information on all your service providers.


  • Plan future upgrades and projects.
  • Store escrow and title information.
  • Store warranties, installation guides, manuals, and  receipts.
  • Schedule maintenance and request take-offs for work that needs to be done.
  • File contact information for the trades and service providers performing work.
  • Request a quote for service or repair.
  •  Source replacement options for materials used on a project. 

Your VirtualHomeTM is…

  • A planning guide for future upgrades and projects.
  • Your home buying and selling guide.
  • A repository of all your warranties, user guides, manuals, and repair and product receipts.
  • A maintenance guide, scheduler, and quote requester for work that needs to be done
  • Where you keep the contact information for your repair people and service providers.
  • What you send it to your finance company to start your refinance, and to your insurance agent to make sure your coverage is just right.
  • How you easily request a quote for service or repair and even to find replacement options.

It’s a living record that documents everything about your home, from square footage to appliances,

to systems like HVAC and irrigation, so you know exactly what you have and how to buy, sell, maintain and remodel your home.

Rich Functionality

VirtualHomeTM helps you document what you have and select what you need to get things done. It’s a living record that defines everything about your home, from square footage to appliances, to systems like HVAC and irrigation, so you know exactly what you have and how to buy, sell, maintain, and remodel your home.

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Home Profile
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The VirtualPropertyTM Property Platform

VirtualHomeTM was designed to facilitate seamless access to the information required by all project stakeholders to accomplish their tasks.”






Home Builders

Architects & Designers

Architects & Designers


& Designers




Insurance Providers

Insurance Providers

Insurance Providers

Rental Owners

Rental Owners

Rental Owners




Real Estate Agents

Real Estate Agents

Real Estate Agents

Customer review

What People Say?

VirtualHome has revolutionized our project management approach. As builders, it is our duty to ensure that pertinent information is readily available to all team members whenever it’s required. VirtualHome offers a unified workspace for team members to input and retrieve information seamlessly. This platform has significantly enhanced our workflow, eliminated errors, and boosted productivity”.

John N.

Custom Home Builder

When I first came across VirtualHome, I thought, this will be a great tool for contractors and builders, but when I showed one to one of my new clients, they were thrilled with having a manual that showed them everything about their new home. VirtualHome is a game changer”.

Madeleign L.

Real Estate Broker

My spouse and I have embarked on numerous home remodeling and construction projects. Historically, maintaining alignment has been quite challenging, often resulting in delays. However, with VirtualHome, we seamlessly connected with our architect and designer, crafting a comprehensive project specification package. As we initiated construction, our contractor had all the essential information readily available, enabling them to furnish us with an accurate bid. This project was successfully completed within budget, devoid of the changes and delays that plagued our prior endeavors”.

Lisa G.


As an interior designer, VirtualHome provides a comprehensive solution for streamlined collaboration, efficient design processes, and effective communication with clients and stakeholders. It simplifies project management, accelerates product package creation for approval, and ensures precise specification management. With VirtualHome, you can monitor installations, manage costs, and enhance client satisfaction, making it an indispensable tool for achieving successful and visually stunning interior design projects”.

Dianna P.

Interior Designer