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Connecting Products, People and Processes

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Filling the gaps that result in wasted time, material, and money, our patent pending systems bring together the disconnected parts of the industry.

  • Products

    Products are linked to where they go, when they are installed, and who installs them.

  • People

    Users connect, communicate, plan and execute projects on a centralized platform.

  • Processes

    Processes are defined and systematized by phase, by product, by profession creating efficiencies and savings.


Using systematized processes that employ industry best practices, we solve the issues costing the industry billions a year in lost time, money, and waste.


Homeownership Lifecycle Platform

  • One platform that connects the products, people, and services needed at every lifecycle stage of homeownership.
  • Providing systematized tools and guides that help users get things done, save time, and save money.
  • A collaborative workspace for all stakeholders, suppliers, manufacturers, and service providers.
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  • VirtualHome

  • DreamGuide

  • ProjectGuide


Home Builder Platform Collaboration and information control

From a set of plans to delivering the keys to the homeowner, our solution makes home building easier. Your office staff, field staff, contractors, subs and suppliers collaborate, and coordinate their efforts on one platform. Our data driven system gives your team the tools they need and helps your customers create their perfect home.

  • Reduce material waste
  • Reduce labor waste
  • Reduce supply chain issues
  • Automated Home Manual creation

Project Management Platform: Beta

Our patent pending system combines best practices, tribal knowledge, and common sense to guide all stakeholders on a path that leads to successful outcomes. The unique platform fill gaps in current processes, systematizes workflows to improve efficiencies and enable transparent collaboration between all stakeholders. The result: significant reductions in waste of time, materials, and money on any project.

  • Vision - Defining and documenting wants and needs.
  • Guidelines – Translating the vision into a framework.
  • Specifications – Organizing products, people, and processes.
  • Building Manual – Detailing all data for owners and teams.


BE Part of the Plan, the Project, the Process

The power of BuildEffective is in our unique system that clearly defines project details before work ever begins. By connecting the property owner’s abstract dreams with real-world products, budgets, specifications, and design visions and then to industry professionals and suppliers, our ideation to completion platform, their vision can easily be achieved.

BuildEffective creates an opportunity for manufacturers, suppliers, and service companies to connect with potential customers and be selected. From concept to completion of all design, build, remodel projects, our platforms let you be found exactly when purchase decisions are being made.


Manufacturer Program

Be Found, Be Specified, Be Included

Our users need products to get their projects done. And they need product education during the selection process. BE sponsorship programs connect products to property owners and installers while they are planning and making buying decisions. While we do not sell products, we are very focused on helping people find the products that are the best fit for what they need.


Retailer Program

Be the Source for Remodel, Construction Products

Regional and national opportunities are available for retailers to connect with our users as they plan and execute their projects. The Where to Buy feature lets users find you and the exact products you sell.


Marketplace Program

Be At the Right Place At the Perfect Time

There are services needed for every project, home and property. We want our users to find exactly what they need, right when they need it. Our marketplace helps our users find exactly what they need, when they need it, like financing,
insurance, equipment, and services.


Affiliate Program

Be A Member of Our Lucrative Affiliate Community

Opportunities are available for select professionals to create a new revenue stream. Home inspectors, trades people, realtors, and anyone working in the design, build construction industry can apply to become part of tehy BE Affiliate Program.


API Partner Program

Be Integrated & Connected With People & Processes

If our users can benefit from your great tools, let’s make it easy for them. We believe people should use the platforms they want, together.


Using experience from his 35+ year career as an award-winning contractor, builder, developer, and architectural designer, our founder, David Scholar created a streamlined, efficient, organized process and had it programmed into a system that guides users through the entire project timeline. He also defined the tool set needed by designers, and trades people, and even inspectors, appraisers, insurance companies, property managers, and banks. 

David knows, as do his peers, that planning is the primary place where this industry’s notorious wasted time and money can be greatly reduced, and transparent communication is where efficiency is gained. By systematizing workflows and processes, the waste can nearly disappear, and communication becomes a tool and not a task. This is the foundation of all BuildEffective Platforms.